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  Window tinting - Tinted Windows   Lower your energy costs
In summer, tinted window reflects the sun, reducing solar heat gain and air conditioning costs. In winter, tinted window provides an additional thermal shield, reducing costly heating bills. Tinted window pays for itself year-round.

  Improve your year-round comfort
Tint window can create a more comfortable environment by eliminating "hot wall" and "cold wall" problems. You will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter no matter where the sun is shining. Window tinting also cuts annoying glare which adds to your personal comfort.

Reduce heat
Today's window tint is extremely efficient at controlling the effects of solar energy. Tinting can provide up to 78% heat reduction as compared to untreated glass.

Reduce health risks
All our tinting films protect you and you’re loved from the potential dangers of the sun (Skin cancer) and its side effects.

Reduce costly fading of furniture & carpets
Window tinting can screen out up to 99% of ultraviolet rays which are the main cause of fading of store displays as well as home and office furnishings


  Increase your security

Tinted window also severely impairs burglars and "smash and grab" looters from gaining access through store windows. Applied to the glass exterior, tint can even protect against vandalism and accidental scratching.
  Increase your safety
Window tinting film bonds with the glass creating a shatter resistant barrier, protecting the people inside, from flying glass, shards or fragments. This barrier can be of critical importance in protecting executives and personnel in industrial or government facilities where the risk of explosions can be higher. This barrier is equally important in the home where severe weather and household accidents can severely injure children and other family members.
Deter thieves
A tinted window in your vehicle helps to discourage thieves. Once a thief tries to break the window the film helps to keep the glass together and hence makes it more difficult to break into your vehicle or home.

Save money on utilities
Window tinting helps keep your hard money where it belongs, in your pocket.

Protect your investments
Window tinting will add value to your vehicle, home and business.

Add more privacy
Window tint can be an attractive alternative to curtains or blinds. Our films afford a clear view to the outside, while at the same time, preventing others from looking in during the daytime.


The content of this article may be quoted or reproduced, provided that the source of information is acknowledged. © EWFA
Facts provided by: IWFA Flat Glass Education Guide and AIMCAL Energy Management Program Window Film Training Guide.

Film Technologies International (FTI)
G.I.S. Distributing Customer Service Department
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  50 Reasons Why Tinting  
  Health & Safety  
  Collision with glass when glass breaks  
  Internal glass doors and partitions  
  Auto tint  
  In simple terms it enhances the look of a car  
  With tinted windows the car looks distinctive  
Smash & Grab 
  strong membrane to contain glass should it break.  
Skin Cancer
Increase the strength of glass
Improves vision and safety
More resistant to forced entry
Reduces heat
Shades the inside of the car
Blocks UV Radiation
  Reduces fading and interior cracking  
Increases Skin Protection
  Increases air-conditioning efficiency  
Improves occupant comfort
Reduces glare
Lessens eye fatigue
Add privacy
  Security and computer interference  
Building under treats
  Electro magnetic interference  
  The effects of the sun  
  Glare: These films filter out up to 75% of glare from the sun  
  Solar control window film blocks out 99%  
UV Radiation and up to 75%
Skin Cancer
  Heat gain & Heat influenced accidents Sun shielding & Solar control window film filters out 75% of the sun's direct heat  
Window blinds
Allergies to the sun
  Fabric deterioration & Fading of items of value  
Energy Control
Energy costs
Energy loss
Glass graphics
  Transform the external look of the building  
  Window blinds for aesthetic purposes  
External image
Graphics on blinds
Applied graphics with film
Blast protection
Accidental explosions
  Explosion 90% of injuries can be caused by flying glass  
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